VanessaJoy & Noel Clover Success Story: VanessaJoy & Noel

I'll never think of looking for a relationship in a dating app, but one of my friend told me about this dating app called "Clover". I didn't expect me doing this stuff and I admit I'll been in many relationships but didn't end well or long. But with a help of a friend she told me how this app work, but I seriously didn't think that someone wouldn't love me for who I am and for what I have. Once I told my friend who recommend me this app that there's this guy that reach out to me and saying that he was interested to know me more and that got me excited because out of all the man that texted me I seriously wasn't comfort talking to them but one man got my attention and I seriously like how he talk to me like he knows how to treat woman right. So what happened next I texted him back.