Troy & Rachael Clover Success Story: Troy & Rachael

I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know a wonderfully special woman. She’s been there for me in times of immense pain and also absolute joy. She TRULY is my best friend; one of my goals on Clover. She’s someone whom I deeply love and adore and pushes me to achieve new truth and worthwhile goals. I’m a better person with her in my life, and me in hers. It feels so good to have someone that i can unequivocal count on who is in my corner and has my back. She supports me in my goal of performing comedy and finishing my college degree with my GI BILL and so much more. And you can’t buy that sorta give-a-damn - she’s amazing! She adores my son and I adore her daughter. This is the start of a beautiful journey. And I’m looking forward to what’s next. Maybe moving to Hawai