Rachael & Nick Clover Success Story: Rachael & Nick

Well Nick messaged me on sept 9, 2016. I of course messaged back. We started talking a lot about family, our favorite sports, careers, and general interests. It was a few days before we exchanged numbers. A week went by and I was back home from having surgery and we were super eager to meet. He drove 50 minutes to my house and we clicked immediately. We had good conversation, he was completely trustworthy, and couldn't have had a better first "date". To this day we still hate spending time apart, wether it be Bc of work or the distance. We have already gone on a cruise together, it was the best time I've had. In 9 days from today, I'm moving to his town and we've gotten an apartment together already. I never saw any of this happening the way that it is but we couldn't be any happier.