Lexi & Harley February 17, 2021 Clover Success Story: Lexi & Harley

I met harley through clover in january of 2019. we talked on snapchat for a couple of months before finally getting to go out on our first date. we met halfway and only planned for our first date to be an hour long. he took me out to dinner (opened the door for me, refused to let me pay, walked me to my car) and we talked about everything. after dinner, we decided we weren’t ready to go home so we went to sit at a park, then went to get dessert, then went to another park, and before we knew it, we were hanging out for over 5 hours. we made it official the following week. fast forward to 9 months of dating and i found out i was pregnant. i moved in with him and our son was born 9/30/20. he proposed to me in december and were planning our wedding for the fall of 2022.