Haylee & Sheldon Clover Success Story: Haylee & Sheldon

I was hesitant to message Sheldon, as he is 4 years younger than I am & I was worried he would write me off, but lucky for me he doesn't scare easily! The only night that he was available happened to fall on a night that I had already been asked on a date, but after chatting over the phone with Sheldon & texting back & forth, I cancelled my other date & Sheldon & I agreed to meet at a pizza place in neutral territory. I was late (as usual...). When I pulled into the parking lot he was sitting on the bed of his truck with a handsome smile & a bouquet of flowers. One look & I was absolutely smitten! One month later we were exclusive & we have been together for 8 months now. I've never been happier! We never would have crossed paths were it not for the Clover app, so THANK YOU!