Cody & Steven Clover Success Story: Cody & Steven

My best friend had gotten the app and after two weeks of nagging me to try it out, I gave it a try. After thirty minutes of setting up my profile I was asked out on a date. Shocked, and of course flattered, I said yes to a dinner at 7pm the next day after work. After waiting fifteen minutes after our scheduled time I thought I was stood up. Preparing to leave, my date had finally arrived only to tell me he had gotten in a wreck just before getting to the restaurant. After a few more dates he made me his boyfriend (making him my first boyfriend ever). Now, we're moving forward with our futures making each other better people in the process. I have yet to come out to my family, but he's made me a stronger person who's ready to show the world who I am. He's who I needed. :]