PC Gamers mixer

Daniel Anyone got left 4 dead 2?
Seth Anyone on siege?
Max Any of y'all on Harry's garrys mod still?
Max Yyyyyyyyyyaaassss pc master race
Jeremiah @L.a. A little lol
Arbens Does anyone have play lawbreakers
Arbens @Bev What LoL
Sean @Ben It’s pretty awesome
Ben Anybody here want to try out the new stellaris dlc?
Jerry Hello everyone
Chandler Yo
Matthew I can't play PUBG to many hackers( I mean script kiddies) for my liking.
Jay Any one play battle rite
Rida Apart of Envyus Paladins Team what’s up
L.a. anyone plays league ?! 3
Kevin Celodmk is my steam name, hit me up if you wanna play games :)
Steven Add me on steam AssassinDeadman if you want I play Rocket League, American Truck Simulator and Farming Simulator and Golf With Your Friends
Les Looking for PUBG squad mates! Add me on Steam: redeyezero
Myles Playing over watch and path of exile
Sky Any other girls play h1z1?
Trevor Steaaaaaam! Sup y'all l.
Aaron @TeKay Yes. Do you own a pc
Aaron @Bev I do
TeKay Anyone play final fantasy XIV? 3
Andrew Overwatch???
Franklin Steam:densemind Battlenet:ShankXp#1333 Omergerd lez play some games
Jason Anyone play other rpgs like say lotro?
Bryson Anyone play wow?
Jason So basically this is just wow, lol, and overwatch. You all realize there are more games out there right?
Mike Yo if there's anyone in here from Colorado I started a Colorado gamers group if you want to join
Brian Lol and wow gamer here
Riley when you bring your gaming life to work
Anthony Anyone play steam
Andreas Anyone in this play WoW or Overwatch? 1
Findoutinachat Any racing gamers?
Bev Anybody play LoL? 2
Jay I just started too
Andreas Who plays WoW in this? 1