Writers mixer

ChanChan Who’s doing NanoWrimo next month? 👀
Ariel Anybody doing NaNoWriMo this year? 1
Paloma Writing crappy fanfic because I'm bored 😂
Jun @Ben Ayy thanks mate, but I decided to scrap it and make a graphic novel instead because I cannot write descriptions to save myself. Drawing it? Now that's easy.
Ben @Jun No revision is good! Your story will almost never be what you originally outlined and that's okay. Those changes happen in the moment because that's what the story needs. My best advice would be "don't focus on the story you want to write, focus on the story you are writing" ( I think think that's a John McKee quote not sure) Also writers block is tricky, I typically like to take a break from the project to do some writing prompts or look over my character sheets since you will rely on them to move the scene along. Also meditation is highly recommended. 1
Krishna @Jun I usually write scenes of the story that interest me at that time or I take one of my characters that may be giving difficulty and place him in another situation and see how he plays out. 1
Gkw Hi
Jun Any advice on getting over writer's block? Also is it bad that I keep rewriting my story?
Emmy ✌🏼
Josh @Olivia What do you write? 😄
JD Any sports writers, or is it just smart people writers?
Ethan @Vei I have written a script once before for a TV series called Max and Ruby, and I'm about to start a screenwriting university course at the Toronto Film School
Jimmy @CindyLuhu Hello!
CindyLuhu Hello! Writers!
Jimmy @Vei I am!! 1
Jimmy @Olivia Hey fellow writer
Jimmy Hello! A writer from new york here. I moslty write film scripts. What do you guys write?
Gus What are people reading at the moment? I'm reading "Bleak House", which is surprisingly easygoing , and "the Sound and the Fury" which is just as difficult as its reputation suggests.
Gus Not published but written some stuff.
Joseph Any published writers on here? I'm working on my 23rd publication! Would love to check out your work - published or not. Follow me on social media. 💜❤️❤️ So incredibly excited to have 3 (!!!) published pieces by this great site. "A Deep and Terrible Death", "Because the New House" and my new piece, published on July 24th (!!!) "Love: A Recipe" A great site that truly cares for their writers. I couldn't imagine these pieces anywhere else.
Dustin @Olivia Hey there :)
Dustin @Vei I've done it before
Olivia hey y'all :)
Vei Is anyone here a script writer? 3
Emily @Vladimir Sure mine is
Vladimir @Emily Exchange emails?
Emily @Vladimir Of course 1
Vladimir @Emily Absolutely, would love to. Would you read some of my writing in exchange?
Emily I'm writing a fantasy novel and would love to show it and get some feedback on it. If anyone's interested :) 1
Chris Hi
Vladimir I have a lot of personal writings I would love to show others. Even better would be if they have something to show too. Who's interested?
Joe I like Burroughs Naked Lunch; Junkie. This book was out there. It's a must read if u like Jack Karwak; the doors. It's even darker than Fight Club: or even Hunter S. Thomson. Burroughs explains things in such detail your senses all start to hum..