North Indians mixer

Karun Looking for female companionship in the Georgia area, let’s talk and see where our dils take us (hope that wasn’t too cheesy for you) :)
Queen Add me on the snap xoxogirl213
Queen Looking for an Indian/Punjabi😍hmu
Prateek Hey! Anyone near Philly?
Kunal 27, looking for the long term
AK @Riddhima Hi
Lucky Hi all
Coolnokia Hi all
Shubham Heyy all wasup
Sham Hi
Varun Ssup guys
Shubham Hello everyone
Shubham It depends on what is the disease lolz
Shubham Hey everyone शुभ प्रभात
Johnnie Anyone in northern Cali ?
Shubham Heyy ppl wasup
Shubham @ Brar: match me up or text me back so dat we can chat
Shubham Hey Brar ... Welcome to d grp ... N ur name would be beautiful .. So
Shubham @sidharth K so wat u do ... N i definately dont mean job ....
sidharth @Shubham lolzzz
Shubham @sidharth K nice one sid saved from d heat
Shubham Its boring coz no1 replies
sidharth @Shubham m from delhi, but working in bnnglre..
Shubham Heyy everyone ..... Rainy day out here wasup ur side
Shubham Gmng everyone happy pre independence day .... Searching for mine though
Shubham @sidharth In punjab n u ??
sidharth @sidharth u*
sidharth @Shubham same here.. where r y working?
Shubham @sidharth Nothing much office office u tell 1
sidharth Hello, wassup??
Shyam @Riddhima Hi😍
Shubham Hello sidharth n ridhima
Shubham @Ankit We r alive n growing ankit ' yha bhi der hai andher nhi ,
Shubham @Ankit Yeah hello everyone presently i am in punjab india n lets get rolling
Ankit Hello everyone..Is anyone alive ?
Ankit @Shubham We can try talking to each other..Be friends.. Hang out and chill..So where are u from ?
sidharth Hello
Riddhima Hi 5
Shubham @Ankit Ok ankit so talk to each other
Ankit 😂😂Stop saying hello only to girls..They aint goinna ask u for a date..This group is for making friends and not hook ups
Shubham Heyyy anyone online
Shubham Nobody replies dan y add up
Shubham @Vinay Heyyy vinay whr r u frm
Vinay Shreya??
Vinay Hiii
Shubham Manish saurav .... Way to go
Shubham Samantha ladies first .....
Shubham Ok everyone tell about ur first propose