Hockey Players mixer

Ricky 3
John Youre absolutely right. Im sure theres a hockey fans thing on here haha. How long you been playin
Emily Anybody wanna go to the Redwings/Blue Jackets game with me in Ohio on Saturday? 1
Amanda @Xavier Why bad ?
Xavier @Amanda yup bad season for me
Amanda I need people to talk hockey with!! Join my mixer Hockey Talk πŸ’
Alistair 500 for Marleau! Go Sharks!
John Lets go Rangers!
John @Lauren Best sport in the world! Btw go Packers!
Andy Hey everyone!
Amanda I'm jealous!!
Amanda Ahh finally someone else who is !
Emily Go Sharks c:
Brandon Let's go DevilsπŸ‘Ή
Matt @Lauren Hey Lauren goalie here :)
Lauren Hey guys I'm Lauren and I'm 21! I play hockey and I'm looking to meet other hockey players and fans! ☺️ 1
Matthew 2
John Used to! 1
Christopher Not professionally lol but yep!
Jim Hey everybody!
John Hey
John @Amanda Me too
John Lets go Rangers!
Christopher How's everyone?
Kristin Any Bruins fans watching the game tonight?
Amanda Yassssssss
Amanda I really wish this was an active mixer 😞
Amanda Anyone playing fantasy hockey this season?
Amanda Such a quiet mixer 😞 1
Alistair Hello Evan
Matt @Alicia hi you
Alicia Hi everyone! πŸ’πŸ’• 5
Mark Jesus! Roy stepped down as AVS coach and VP. We sucked before. No we suck with no guidance!!! Ugh!!! 1
Cole Fargo ND anyone?
Becca Hello everyone 1
Tim @Jacky Match me
Tim @Beth Match me
Kyle 4
Tyler I just wanna be fried s and talk to people so why not
Tyler Yes ☺️
Tyler I'm just looking for friends
Andrew 4
Tyler Text me hah
Tyler @Beth Hey
Tyler Hey
Andrew 3
Beth What's hockey? Lol. Puck right ? 2