North Texas Party mixer

Daniel Good Morning all..
Levi What's up everyone
RobinMelody 2
Hixon Anyone around wanna hang with tonight... hmu
Hixon @Kennedy Hmu wanna party? 1
Hixon @Hixon ANY GIRLS /couples wanna party w/me now?? Hmu
ChrisP Hey ladies
Kennedy 10
Dan Hi everyone
Sam Gay college singles? ❤✨
Bryan 2
Shanita 2
Jonny 1
Jacob Hit me up ladies
Jacob Anyone interested in going to the Brantley Gilbert concert tomorrow night? I got extra the tickets, just no date 😭 1
Jacob Anyone here? 1
Richard Match me? Lol
Richard How is everybody?
Justin How goes everyone?
Donald Hey lex whats up?
Richard That's cool. Crazy enough, I've never been lol
Richard That sucks. :( this is my only day off a week so I gotta enjoy it lol. Where do you work??
Richard I'm good, got a bottle of jäger for the night lol
Richard How are you @lex
Donald Hey what's up lex?
Jared I'm from Lubbock and never been to Fry street! How is it?
Naga hey yourself, you've got sexy ink
Christopher Who is up partying? Roanoke here 1
Shanita Hey everyone!! 😊
Steve It's never to late to party !! 2
Austin New to this app, new to north Texas, figured I'd give this a shot. Any females close to my age want to chat just match me. I'm brand new in Texas (#militarylife). I'd be nice to have a local show me around. Hit me up if you're interested.
Andres 🤔 1
Linda How's it going everyone? 1
Chad Sup, where is everyone? 1