Soccer mixer

Tiffany Hey everyone :) did you guys watch the womens soccer game against Mexico?
Jordan Anyone actually play soccer here?
Julian What’s good? 😁
Richard Just keep ticking all the blocks πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ 1
Julian Man United fan here πŸ‘‹ 1
Richard I knew I liked you ;) GGMU 2
Jorge @Samantha Chelsea
Gaurav Chelsea FC πŸ‘†πŸΌ
Samantha Chelsea, any other lovers out there? πŸ’™ 2
Alberto London belongs to the blues 2
Ben I don't know if anyone still gets on this but follow the link and look at the video it's only 15 sec of your time. //
Eduardo Any takes on the UEFA ? Favs ? ⚽️
Jordan Anyone near the York pa area? Pick up games on Monday 6pm at john Rudy park. Just 1$ Everyone bring your friends
Evan @Angelica Nice tat, what position do you play? 1
Evan @L Yes they are lol
Gustavo Hala Madrid!! Can't wait for the ClΓ‘sico in Miami!
Aaron @Stacy Why would you support Liverpool? Klopp the only good thing about it
Aaron Who's ready for Chelsea to finish off the table
Xavier Premier League this weekend πŸ™Œ
Jillian Anyone watch Chelsea and Man Utd game?
L Manchester City The Best Team Ever 1
Rolands Any arsenal fan here. 3
Angelica 12
Thi @Guewen The good old days!
Guewen 1
Daniel @Stacy Big liverpool fan! Ready for tomorrow? 1
Stacy Last season was going well, we always bottle it somehow 1
Misael @Stacy Me 1
Dan @Stacy Big game Sunday! Go Red Devils πŸ‘Ή
Dan @Stacy Boo
Stacy Any Liverpool supporters? 4
Kyle Hey
Kyle 3
Michelle 5
Alex Soccer today anyone?
Rob If you love football give my business a follow on Instagram πŸ‘ @mygreatest11
Gustavo Hala Madrid! 1
Luis Hello
LuisCastillo Fifa 16 anybody
LuisCastillo Anyone here play fifa ? Need a coop season partner 1
Brian Anyone watching this WAl -BEL game?
Kwesi Copa
Kwesi Come on Croatia
Kwesi Anyone ready for this upset ?
Kwesi Thanks I think we'll need it lol, I'll be on later talking about this game I'm sure 1
Kwesi Aww, well still one is great, my team plays Argentina tomorrow , I can't wait 1
Kwesi That's awesome, I'm glad you got to partake in being there, do you have anymore tickets ?
Kwesi How was it ,being there ?