Anime Nerds Watching Group mixer

Phillipe // I watch my anime here for free with no problems
Phillipe Who is watching the new fairy tail 😍😍😍
Sabin @Megan 👋🏻 how's your summer going?
Sabin currently rewatching cowboy bebop series 1
Sabin @Megan I see, murder princess is the name of the anime? still sounds interesting. I'll try looking for it on youtube
Weston Any JoBros or Berserk fans 3
Megan Womyn power isn't the anime it's describing the anime. Murder princess is about womyn power like the lead characters are womyn
Sabin @Megan that's cool to hear, great categories, I'll have to look into this show womyn power is murder princess on youtube, that definitely makes it more convenient to acess the show for me.
Megan @Sabin Honestly I'm into magical, action, fantasy anime. I also like some love story animes. But a short anime with action an womyn power is murder princess. You can watch it sub or dub on YouTube.
Sabin anyone have any anime recommendations?
Megan @Mark Wow far away lol
Mark @Megan I live in London
Megan @Mark I live in kansas
Mark @Megan Where you from
Sabin @Megan lol any mech warriors or something like gundwam wing / futuristic / anything of that sort, any recommendations?
Megan @Sabin Define sci fi lol
Sabin just curious if anyone has any sci themed anime recommendations?
Paul I found my mixer... 1
Sabin @Megan Hi! 😊
Sabin anyone want to chat?
Megan Hello
Mark @Megan Hey megan
Saif A. Idk is anyone watching March come in like a lion, bcz I'm really into that shit since the first season for some reason
Saif A. @De'Andre I just watched the first episode of the new season when it came out but then just gave up bcz it didn't really promise anything new
De'Andre Just waiting for Seven Deadly Sins to stop fucking around.
Megan We'd have to decide as a group
Sabin which anime is this group all watching?
Megan Assume it's work like a book club. We'd watch an anime talk bout it
Megan Omg I'm surprised someone joined the group
Saif A. So how is thing gonna work?
Megan Hey y'all this group is to try and get an anime watching group together. I think it's be really fun.