Foodies! mixer

Corey Anyone a healthy foodie?
Niranjan 2
Jeffrey 2
Sabin Who else loves pizza? 1
Alise Good morning 1
Kevin @Karina Is that sushi? o.O
Apruva 4
Apruva Anyone in the GTA?
Christopher Some of my cooking 😄
Christopher 3
Christopher 3
Jimmy Hi , Anyone From OC ?
Cierra 4
Pete 1
Gustavo 1
Miguel Anyone in NYC who likes Peruvian food? Or can teach me about more types of food?? 1
Karina 1
Anik Any one in Alberta,canada?
Cynthia Any guys in the Houston area? 😊
Emily 1
Josh 1
Josh 2
Paul 2
Srini Anyone in Melbourne FL ?
Onyii Love food. Wish I knew how to cook. Mayb one of u ladies can teach me lol
Paul 2
Paul 3
Paul 1
Mathias @Sandra 👽😱
Paul These are pheasants I freshly hunted that was cooked in a woodfire
Paul 1
Paul The toughest and best chefs are moms haha
Brad Okay douche. As a matter of fact, what restaurant you working in? I might have to come try the food. Being that i am a foodie foodie foodie! And while im there i might just have to teach you how you need to treat people in the future. Being that a simple word offends you and you want to bitch about it and throw a fit like a damn two year old. Have a great day titty baby
Karen What is in that dish? It looks amazing ❤️
Karen What are some of your favorite foods to make?
Karen I love to cook and eat out. Trying new foods is a passion of mine!
Sabin What are some of your favorite foods to eat? I like to cook
Brad I love nicholas's enthusiasm on being a total douchebag! He hates the word foodie but joins a mixer called foodies. Might not be the brightest bulb in the box lol
Paul Anyone else working as a chef 1
Paul 3
Nat 1
CJ Happy Friday beautiful people 😘
Vanessa Anyone in Houston? 1
Cody 3
Srita 5
Moon Anyone from Greater Vancouver area?