Actually Talk SoCal mixer

Corey You see me, lets talk
Bill Anyone awake? Just got off of work and would like to talk to someone!
FB Clover? It's okay.
Brandon PM me for endless memes.
FB So I know I named this chat room "Actually Talk...", so I guess I should actually talk. I can't think of anything in particular at the moment, though. I have noticed that a lot of people have joined though, so feel free to comment on your experience on Clover, etc. Just no dirty comments or nude pics. That happens way too much on this site. Thanks. :) 1
FB People had mentioned the app to me, but I never knew much about it. I just started comparing the different know for all that you can get that is free. :)
FB It was a last resort. I tried a bunch of others with no success. :) 1
FB So I find that a lot of people come and go on this site. It's kind of like just saying hello to people on the street, in passing. The only difference is that a very small number of people may continue to communicate. 1
FB Oh, I'm sure I would like it. I do like Salsa though, as hard as it may be. :)
FB Is it like Salsa?
FB What's the difference? I don't think I'm familiar with Bachata.
FB I here ya. :)
FB I like try dancing Salsa. :) I don't know how good I am at it. I haven't been in a while. One year I went Salsa dancing in Hollywood, on Halloween, dressed like a cheer leader! It was so much fun. My only camera right now is my iPhone. :( 1
FB @FB I also enjoy taking pics a lot. If only you were my age! :)
FB Salsa dancing is a lot of fun. I like to cook as well.
FB I volunteer at a horse ranch. I love horses! :) You? 1
FB I try not to share to much info online, honestly.
FB Hopefully you will. :)
FB I love being a counselor. It's what I really feel that I was meant to do. 1
David @FB Thanks πŸ™‚ how's your day going?
FB @FB Or chat room :)
FB @David Hello. Welcome to the group.
David Hello everyone! I'm new. Hope your Sunday is awesome πŸ€—
FB Thank you. Just a small private school.
FB University
FB A school that no one's heard of. Trust me. :)
FB No problem. I am a counselor. :)
FB I see that other people have joined the group. Feel free to jump in and say hi and more you guys. 😊
FB @FB Just kidding. :)
FB It's why I became a counselor...I'm not good at math.
FB ☺️
FB Hearing your description makes me cringe. 😁
FB Linear Algebra? Anything with algebra sounds bad. :)
FB That would be me. I really liked math, and then I finished third grade. It was all down hill from there. 😐
FB At first?! Still is for me. :)
FB It's sounds hard though. I don't like anything with math. :(
FB Nice. Good for you. You'll probably always have a job in that area. 1
FB No problem. What are you studying?
FB Ya. I haven't come across too many guys who were actually willing to talk.
FB It's hard to get one of these chat rooms going. :)
FB So, I've done my part. :)
FB I thought I would try to start one of these "mixers", because there is not much chatting going on on some of the others. 1