Females That Want Real Relationship mixer

Lori 1
Lasiaa Ladies would you have both a girlfriend and boyfriend at the same time ? ðŸĪŠðŸ‘­ðŸ‘Ŧ💖
Ryan Facebook Messenger: ryanhart8 Hit me up!
Mandalia 1
Michael anyone in Vegas area?
Cameron @Cameron Anyone on the PA/NJ area?
Cameron 4
Issa Hello....? *Echo*
Isayia Afternoon yall
Mandalia Good evening everyone
Gigi Morning
Sam Look for woman
Maria Looking for single men 25-28 2
Maria Can someone please text me 2
Rashidarugah Hey so I'm currently single from bronx ny. Looking for a friendship that can possibly lead to a relationship. I will be 31yrs on Dec 28 so I'm a Capricorn. Not much of a talker cause I'm more of a observer. I prefer a dark-skinned tall handsome man over 6ft that has something going for themselves. I don't have a stable job but making money ain't hard to do once you put your mind to it especially in NYC. I smoke and drink but not everyday because I'm a mother first. I'm both street smart and book smart. I'm homebody and like to listen to music while I play cards. I already feel sexy just make me feel wanted and spoil me. If interested please hit me up and I will be waiting for your messages ;) 1
Rashidarugah 3
EatUp @Kaysha Match me
Kaysha 2
Carlos 1
Emmy 3
Forward 1
Forward looking for a woman for serious relationship,am tired of been alone,any woman intrested inbox me or contact me,my name is forward base here in italy,+393510897482.
Anthony 1
Jessica 6
Josh Girls add me if you want talk
Issa I'm seriously looking for a woman to love and care for. I'm honest, loyal, and will listen to all things you need to rant about when you got to. I'm a 19 year old man who's tired of being played. SoCal OC or LACounty area
Christophah Looking for a serious girlfriend whose into exploring gender roles, female domination, forced participation in screwing other men, but so lovey dovey and genuine that mutual respect, among other things, makes jealousy irrelevant. I'm a loving effectionste cute 27 year old in NYC, surely some perfect lady is seeking a strong man she can occasionally humiliate and own m, right? 1
Lance Need A Women that wants a serious relationship no games hit me up!!