Cars mixer

Kevin My 78 camaro 2nd gen drift car
Rebel @Robert Beautiful SS
Jordan Anybody in or close to Missouri know of any 1999-2004 mustangs for sale, preferably white, manual trans, and nun that convertible rubbish
Nicholas 4
Noah 3
Nate 2
Dustin 1
Kyle 1
Braei 1
Devon Jdm is life 1
Noah That charger is my pride and joy (twin turbos coming next spring)
Noah @Robert Bro do whatever you want with the cat, but dont you f****ing dare lose that SS 1
Meagan I’m the lighter head one lol that’s my 07 gt πŸ˜‰ 1
Meagan 3
Bairo 1
Bairo 1
Robert Those are my two cars, but debating on selling the caddy and getting something better... thoughts?
Robert 1
Robert 1
Oliver Any girls wanna chat message me here or on kik at carlover4756
Mansour 1
Branden @Hassan Jelous im waiting on my 347 stroker to get shipped
Branden Hi everyone! Any one else here love fox bodies? (Wont let me upload any pictures of my 93 coupe)
Hassan @Hassan Finally supercharged 2006 mustang gt 560hp 2
Cameron Yo looks like I found the right group lmao
Jodie I appreciate the FRS. Looks wise however, the BRZ has it beat. Did you know it was Toyota who designed the BRZ? Same engine and horsepower stock. However, Subaru adjusted the suspension a bit and it makes for better handling and a smoother ride. I also never worry about scraping the bottom of my car on an incline. The loose suspension on the FRS makes the inclines that are all too common in Houston a pain. Still, I have love for Toyota. Always quality in their product.
Jodie That's okay. You don't have to be a gear head to appreciate nice cars. πŸ˜‰
Jodie @Jodie No mods*** Damn auto correct. What the hell was this phone thinking. Kids and two-door coupes don't mix! πŸ˜‚
Jodie Cute little ride. I've never been in one. Tell me about it. I'll snap a photo of my BRZ tomorrow when there is some daylight. No kids on her yet, but I've only owned her for a few weeks. Already looking into some low compressions boost options since the BRZ has a higher Rev boxer engine.
Jodie I guess I should take pics of mine... What do you drive?
Jodie Can't wait to see the car pics in this group
Jake My 2001
Jake 1
Jasmine What's your dream car?
Joe Did I see a female whose into dogs and autocross in here
Andres Pretty sure you're supposed to open things up with writing something