Anime Lovers mixer

Vicente I’m extremely happy to see the boruto:naruto next generation I can’t wait to see the episode when Hinata got mad at boruto for ditching school.
Joel Jr. @Brandiejo I’m rewatching bleach
Kel Hey everyone I'm new here how is everyone
Lisa I'm the black and yellow...
Lisa Hello...I'm Lisa...looking for a guy who loves anime...too... 1
Samuel @Brandiejo Meeeeeee
Mo AOT 3...about damn time. 2
Brandiejo Hey new to the site...any bleach fans? 2
Lap So sad dragon ball super is end 2
Chad I am so ready for sesn 2 of 7 deadly sins
Roy If ya watch Netflix. Devilman crybaby is on Netflix. 1
Roy How about the seven deadly sins tho. Who's hype for the long wait season 2?
Roy Lol this shit is daed
Roy Where's rem when I need love :'(
Jay Currently getting into samurai champloo
John Anyone in San Diego
Mike 2
Sebastian @Spencer Reborn definitely gets better after a while. Yes, it starts pretty slow, I almost gave up on it myself, but stick with it and you will not be disappointed. I wasn't at least.
Megan 2
Stephen Fullmetal Alchemist, anyone? I'm more into the manga as opposed to the anime 😎 2
Brian Does anyone like chobits?
Spencer @Doffy It's getting brought back. The focus isn't on ichigo tho anymore. Whole new arch focusing on one of the lieutenants. Can't spell his name for the life of me but he has 69 tattooed on his face.
Spencer Two questions and they are kinda at different ends of the spectrum lol 1) Has anyone here watched Hitman Reborn? A friend suggested it, but after I started it I it's like it starts on filler material. It gets better right? 2) Is this a board for ppl who like anime to connect or just talk about anime? Slightly prefer the prior lol
Ivan Anime and chill ? πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
Eyra Attack on titan season 2 πŸ™ŒπŸ½ 1
Brian What's up peeps. Any of you watch Iron Blooded Orphans?;D 1
Syxx Any ladies want to text or call me my number is 949 742 4511
Neil Bleach the manga is pretty badass, the show on the other hand flamed out pretty quick imo 1
Kokulan Naruto the ending was bad
Kokulan One piece is the best 2
Emma Was popped right into the middle of iron blooded orphans. My friends and I drink and anime on Sunday, sometimes they start without me... Boo. Same thing happened with Bungo Stray Dogs 3
Ay-LissaSmith @Mike I'm in love with it. I'm trying to finish it but idk where to look. Did you know there's like 75 Mangas???!!!??? 3
Mike Anybody like FairyTail? I love it! 4
Doffy Bleach was amazing fillers ruined it . One piece great 75% of the time . Tokyo ghoul greatness no complaints. Sword art online pretty great . One punch man super funny . Anime is life 1
Love_Anime No it's not only ichigo is awsome 1
Vaughn Not yet but it's getting a us limited release soon I heard 1
Vaughn Anyone up to date with the one piece manga you guys peep that Vegapunk is actually a World Government prisoner 1
Glen 3
Stuwy One peace and Naruto and Bleach are the best anime of all time βœŒπŸΏοΈπŸ‘²πŸΏ 2
Thomas Ayeee who watches Naruto? Lol 2