AZ Thick Girls For Fit Guys mixer

Jesse Hello all 😀😀
Joe 1
Joe Hell all. Anyone in or around Sierra vista?
Jim @Maria Hello. How was your weekend?
Jim @Bryanna Hello!!
Robyn Hello :) 1
Sam Who’s in Tempe? 🔥🔥🔥
Randi 3
Rood @Kelsey Those green eyes 😍
Niko Any ladies free out there 1
Ryan Any ladies in or Near Maricopa? Match me let’s chat!
Maria 6
Anthony @Kelsey I feel the same way haha
Mason Anyone still active? 2
EarnestH @Kelsey Good evening young lady. I just wanted to introduce myself to someone beautiful today.
Everal Hey y’all
Shelley Hello everyone 3
Shelley 3
Bobby @Kelsey Hey Kelsey, how are you?
George @Kelsey Hey, wanna get tacos? 😍
Ben Hello thanks for the group !:)
Ben @Kelsey Haha well I wouldn’t either it’s hot here
Kelsey 14
Andrea Hi I'm Andrea. Anyone from Salem Oregon?
Andrez Good morning everyone
Allen How had your day been
Paul Hey whats going on? How are you doin
Ali "Fit dudes" LOL 2
Allen Hello Sandy how are you
Austin What's up everyone? :)
Matthew Hi sandy how are you doing today
Markus What's up