Single Parents - London mixer

Alessio I'm Free tomorrow, anyone is looking for a drink in good company? I can come and pick you up
Federico 1
Daniel I'm doing some photography and videography in london on Saturday. Would anyone like a date?
Roy Hi ppl
Zak Looking for a female Gym Freak who can help me out with my cardio ;)
Britt Love a guy with a British accent I need to move to London! 2
Elisha Hey x 5
Major Looking for some one join me for drink party
Frankieh8 Looking for an older lady👀😏
Nathan In London this week, anyone wanna go for a drink?
Kadri Where about Is hampsted?
Danny Good evening
Malkeet west london
Malkeet anyone from london
Zain Hey
Zigi Hi
Danny Hi there I'm Danny. How is everyone
Luke Hey guys x
Aaron Hey
Aaron Hry
Constantin Hi Rose, if you wanna talk I'm available :)
Rakesh Anyone bored like me and wants to go out somewhere fir a nice walk or to a party??
Gyuneyt @Queenb How are you darling? Please add me on Facebook.
Queenb 7
Queenb @Gyuneyt I am off today so I done some shopping and cleaning 2
Gyuneyt @Queenb Morning darling , fine just wake up for work ))
Queenb @Gyuneyt I am fine and you 1
Gyuneyt @Queenb Hello how are you
Queenb Hello people!! 3
Lee Hi Lee crouch end pm me if your gay and decent
Mehmet Hi
Daniel Hey there anyone looking to meet basildon area pop up?
حودة حودة Hi 2
Craig Now then people
Erion Hello 1
Zale76 Hi everyone
Stephen Anybody home??
Shah So whatsup all 2
Gürkan Hey