Banter Anyone? mixer

Shanti 07400820336
Bakare Anyone near blackpool pleasure beach
Megan Ayeee. 1
Matt Lmfao that's what I am assuming 😂😂😂
Matt Bro that dude Matt...what the actual fuck is on his lip though
Samara Ha ok
Samara That's not what I meant hun
Samara Why so serious?😊
Matt All for jokes
Tyler Because
Samara That's close to you then ahaha
Samara I'm off now so Facebook me; Samara Taylor
Samara Is a ballache ahaha
Samara @Samara English lit and journalism at Chester or liberal arts which is like psychology and sociology at Derby. Where do you go?
Samara Only Maccies training staff whilst doing A levels, hopefully uni after this summer
Samara Oh I have a day off work so I planning on sleeping til at least lunch
Samara Oh nice! I just have insomnia basically. Suns gonna rise soon lol
Samara Can't sleep, wbu?
Samara He's back ahah
Samara @Robert Yesssssss Robbbbbb ❤️ and google it
Robert So what's banter
Samara Ahaha I said Hii and then put a paragraph about morals in the mixer... It might be because I didn't like him back. Which then contradicts what he's said cause if I liked him when I actually don't, then that would be leading him on 😂😂😂😂 needs sort his head out 1
Matt To drink or sleep 🤔🤔🤔
Samara It was rather confusing
Samara I'm missing half that convo cause that 'havingalooksee' isn't coming up abah
Samara @Momo Where's your head first ahaha?
Momo @Samara What's ur snapchat?
Matt @Samara 2200 here
Megan I have medical training I'll make you better 😏😂
Samara 2:54am here ahaha 1
Megan @Samara 8:51
Samara What time is it for everyone?
Samara Feel free to invite people you want 😌
Matt @Samara Can't live life in a box gotta see how others view the world too 1
Samara My day was chilled thanks dear & yeah same, love people's perspective on life. It's interesting 1
Cody How was everyone's day?
Samara Well I'm a chilled and banterous person so this chat can jus be that. None of this sending nudes bullshit, cause it's not desirable. So ima chill on here if I'm gonna have this app 🤘🏽🤘🏽 1
Canria 🙌🏾 New Chat room 😁 3
Cody I feel like a lot of guys try way too hard to impress girls they'll never see or be with because of distance on these social medias.
Samara You had some valid points tho. Might add that chap you were cheering up to this
Cody What is this..?
Samara This is your distinct humour I gather. I like it. Very witty 😌
Samara Awww bless ✨
Samara I would love to just get lost somewhere tho
Matt @Samara I'll keep you safe 😘😘
Megan Not as country as Kansas.
Samara @Matt Hmmmm debatable
Matt @Samara Not easy to get lost there honestly
Samara Ahhhh I'd get lost ahaha but be so good
Matt @Samara Wouldn't that be "silly"?
Matt I'll be up there tomorrow actually