Sruthi Friends mixer

Amit @Sruthi Hey there!
Ram @Sruthi Hi sruthi.. r u frm hyd
Dhruv @Sruthi Hey beautiful :)
Ashish Is this for real
Sk Hi Shruthi
Barani Hi
Theertharaj @Theertharaj I don't think they are real ones!!? What others say!?
Theertharaj I guess I stay near krish flat😜 1
Sruthi @Krish Thank you krish You made my day so special Thanks allot for what you did today for me 😊😊
Krish Wish you many more happy returns of the day angel sruthi 😘
Bala Hey.
sidharth @Sruthi Hello wassup??
Nag @Krish congrats bro
Sruthi @Krish Krish its nice to meet you we stay in adjacent flats and we came to know each other by this app I think you can keep your own pic instead of mahesh babu
sidharth @Sruthi Hello, good evening..
Krish @Sruthi I saw you near to my home reply to personal message we can meet 1
Krish Hey sruthi
sidharth @Sruthi hello
Divyank Hii
Sruthi Hi friends 1
Matt @Sruthi Hi
Shreyas Hi
Sruthi Hey all 1
Sriram @Sruthi Where in Bangalore ?? Do u wanna catch up sometime
Darshan Umm hey? Whats this about?
Matt @Sruthi Want to chat somewhere else
Sruthi @Matt NM 2
Matt @Sruthi I am great what are you up to
Sruthi Yea
Sruthi @Matt Good how about you?
Matt @Sruthi How are you doing
Sruthi Hi 1
Sruthi @Matt Hi
Sruthi @Sriram Thank you
Matt @Sruthi Hi
Sriram BTW u are really hot !!
Sriram ?
Sriram Where are u from ? Bangalore
Sruthi @Sriram Hi 1
Sriram Hi Sruthi
Sruthi @Amit Welcome amit 1
Amit @Sruthi Nice
Sruthi Nag welcome 1
Sruthi Hi friends this is my mixer 5